Sunday, October 20, 2013

Suit & Bow-Tie

About a week ago I saw the movie 'Baggage Claim' and even though it was possibly one of the worst movies made in 2013 (or ever), my Fashion-self can't seem to forgot the only good part about the movie. Also unforgettable is the mediocre comedy throughout the entire movie and the bad acting from the lead actress Paula Patton. The weird thing is...I remember Robin Thicke's wife being really good in Deja Vu also starring Denzel Washington and I just don't know what happened or at least what went wrong...

The Fashion was good or at least acceptable and I'm not talking about the extremely handsome men in the movie, but I'm talking about the character Sam.

Sam is the character played by Adam Brody in Baggage Claim. 
What's so special about his character? Well except for him being the only good thing to happen in this movie, his bow-tie deserves an honorable mention. Here's why:
In the beginning I felt really bad about giving him an honorable mention, as I am a huge Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) fan and we all know Chuck is the King of bow-ties. But...Gossip Girl has ended and as I move on...I want to say...the world needs more bow-ties.
Don't just wear them (in blue) when you've done something wrong and you're going on TV to "apologize" - *cough* Chris Brown - but wear them to special occasions. Or...casually like Adam Brody's character Sam.

Jill Scott - Adam Brody
I'm a sucker for bow-ties especially if they have a cool print on them but it wouldn't be right if I only complimented his ties since he looked good throughout the entire movie. I love prints and I just loved how they mixed the different prints in one outfit. Like the plaid suit with the striped bow-tie (above) and the polka dots shirt with the striped tie (below). His character was hilarious and it was great seeing him look good doing it.

Adam Brody
Adam Brody

If you have any plans to go and see this movie...I wouldn't! If you're an Adam Brody fan I'd advise you to go, but that's probably the only reason. I really enjoyed the Fashion in this movie but it's a shame that that was the only good thing about it.
Much Love,