Monday, October 15, 2012

Gossip Girl: Fashion. Forward.

Gossip Girl doesn't need an introduction. I mean fashionistas, teens and drama lovers were hooked on GG since September 17th 2007, when the show aired. Can you blame them? The drama, the fashion, the boys and the Upper East Side. Honestly the actors are great, but a great set of signature style upgrades every well written script. From a stan (stalker-fan) point of view everyone wants to be one of the cast members just to be in their shoes (and clothes) or to date their opposite male character. 
Sadly this season 6 will be the last time we get a chance to see them on our screen. I'd say Gossip Girl has left their mark on our TV's, in our hearts and most importantly, in our closet. I still hear Blair Waldorf say "leggings are not pants" in my head every time I see someone wearing leggings as pants. Sometimes I even pull a WWBWD (What Would Blair Waldorf Do?)! Blair Waldorf is way past Style Icon (and even Princess), she's Queen B if you didn't know! Have you seen Nina Garcia quote Queen B on twitter?

Since the show started we have seen all of our fav characters grow into their own as unique and fashionably centered characters and we have Eric Daman to thank for that! There's no doubt that the script is amazing and that the actors are impeccable, but Eric Daman is the man behind the signature looks of all the characters. I mean what girl from this century doesn't want to live in Blair Waldorf's closet? Six seasons, more than 120 episodes and thousands of amazing outfits. Every Gossip Girl, Serena, Blair and Chuck stan would like to thank and hug Eric for giving us six seasons of eye catching genius-ness.

Eric Daman
Eric is a costume designer, author and stylist. He was costume designer (along side Patricia Fields) for Sex & the City  from season 2 till season 4. Pat and Eric won an Emmy for their work for Sex & the City. Next to that he also modeled with Kate Moss for Calvin Klein and he designed a low-budget hosiery Gossip Girl inspired collection for DKNY. Daman partnered with Macy's and he is currently creative designer for their menswear collection, Threads and Heirs. Eric also partnered up with Swarovski for a live-streamed web serie called "The Daman Chronicles". If that is not enough Eric also designed an under $50 collection for Charlotte Russe with Gossip Girl worthy dresses - without the price tag that will make you go "no" of course. Gossip Girl's stylist also wrote a fashion advise book: "You Know You Want It: Style-Inspiration-Confidence" with a foreword by the show's most stylish character played by Leighton Meester. That's a mouthful of bragging rights for Mr. Eric Daman. Just the work he has done for Gossip Girl is enough to make someone say: Genius!

Gossip Girl inspired hosiery collection designed by Eric Daman
You Know You Want It written by Eric Daman
Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe

Here are the facts why Gossip Girl is the most Stylish Serie:

Blair Waldorf plays in it:

I don't need to explain it's obvious!

They have set and brought back a lot of trends since season 1

If it's one thing that nobody doubts about Gossip Girls it's that they are trendsetters. From the signature pieces from the characters to just the typical clothing and even sleepwear is high fashion. Just imagine THE Blair Waldorf sleeping in JCPenny PJ's (I have nothing against them!)! Would she still be Queen B? We all know the answer to that question. That's also one of the many reasons why I love Gossip Girl. It's about everything life has to offer and fashion. That includes hierarchy, success, failure, love, revenge and destiny which fashion is also about, especially when we're talking about hierarchy, success and failure. 

Here are a couple of trends they set:
Headbands (Blair Waldorf)
Trench coats (Serena van der Woodsen in Burberry Trench coat)
Colorful Florals (Blair Waldorf)
Lace leggings
Oxfords shoes
Plaid prints - even minions wear them a lot

Every style is represented in at least one character

Whether you're Blair preppy or feminine sexy Serena or even downtown Vanessa everyone can place their style in one (or more) characters from Gossip Girl. It's pretty awesome to figure out which character is more like you. They even have Lily Humpfrey and Eleanor Waldorf to show them how to dress fashion forward and age appropriate. They also show you how to have fun with not just fashion but also in life. One thing you shouldn't copy when you've figured out who you're more like: their signature pieces. A signature is simply one must create or figure out on their own. If you're known for your awesome sunglasses or very cool accessories or even LBD's let it be YOUR signature style. The word says it all: SIGNATURE! It's illegal to copy someone's signature and that's also an important rule on Fashion Planet. It's not a problem if you haven't found it yet, it's simply a thing of being at the right place at the right time: don't look for it, it will come to you! 

Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen style
Lily van der Woodsen style

They don't follow trends or rules 

they are not afraid to make mistakes

With great power comes great responsibility, well with high fashion comes a lot of mistakes. Season one doesn't have a lot of - let's call them: errors - but there are a couple of outfits where I'd say: "Uhm but why". I don't find that a problem because there are more than a hundred episodes so a few bad outfits do not really mean anything when we're talking about fashion. There are a few "even the best fall down sometimes" and even - in the words of Serena - "two wrongs make a twisted right" outfits that EVERY Style Icon has to face before becoming a Style Icon. It comes with the territory! Every Style Icon knows that they shouldn't be afraid to make mistakes and that's when they start building their bold, brave and confident self that will immediately reflect in their clothing.
I rest my case:

Everyone wants to be like them

Okay, let's set aside me and millions of others who want to be any of the G.G. characters, have you forgotten about Queen B's minions? B had two minions in high school (later four) and then in college she had two other minions. The headbands, the plaid prints, the colorful trench coats and those evil smiles....isn't it obvious who their inspiration is? If you're still not confinced... what about little-miss-Blair-wanna-be: Little Jenny Humphrey who was so set on becoming popular that she even TRIED bringing down Queen B (that's all you can do when you're messing with B).

Queen B's minions
Little J - nice hand me downs Little J

They give Fashion advise

In the words of Blair Waldorf: "Leggings are not pants!". When you strive to be the best another thing that has to be part of the plan is: charity - giving back. I'm not talking about Jenny wearing Queen B's hand me downs, it's more like Fashion advise. We all know that Blair is never nice about Fashion advise - especially when it comes to Dan, Jenny and Vanessa - but hey it's better than nothing. The result: look at Little J turning into Jenny Humphrey, B taught her well in a small amount of time.

Even extras wear designer everything

We've seen a lot of celebs hit the Gossip Girl screen from Hilary Duff, Robyn and Kevin Zegers to Tyra Banks and even Katy Cassidy and Elizabeth Hurley. They all have one thing in common with the main characters: even thought they're extra's they also wear designer high fashion. Elizabeth Hurley even tweeted once that she as an extra gets to wear runway worthy designers on the show. Hilary Duff actually wore Herve Leger (1st) and Marchesa (2nd) for her Gossip Girl debut. Katy Cassidy wore a stunning J.Mendel (3rd) and Tyra Banks (4th) wore a Marchesa gown.



Everyone makes GIFs of the cast

The rule in every fan base especially one who is for an actress or actor on TV knows that when you're good, there are GIF's made for everything! And by everything I mean for laughs, mocking, bragging and stanning. The movie that probably has the most or close to the most GIF's is Mean Girls. The most famous Gossip Girl GIF's are mostly from Georgina Sparks, Blair Waldorf or Chair because their lines are always so catchy and honest and that's what people really like and find easy to remember.

When we're talking about G.G.G. (Gossip Girl GIF's) we have:
"The facts":

I agree G!

And "the Yeah Sure's":

And "the Crazy B*tches":

And "the promises":

Don't make promises you can't keep G!

And "the See, I was rights":

And "the underestimated":

And "the romantics":

And "the support systems":


And "the masked":

And "the self assured":

And "the players addicted to the games":


And "the shocked":

And "the honest":

And "the famous":

And one of my favorites: "the epic soul mates":

They honor the great before them

No one can be truly become successful unless you acknowledge the greats before you. Sir Newton once said: "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulder of Giants". Gossip Girl is no different and both Blair and Serena have excellent taste in role models. Blair had a couple of dreams (some nightmares) where she played Miss Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's and she also claims to want to be like Grace Kelly. Serena van der Woodsen dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and sang "Diamonds are a girl's best friend".

Blair Waldorf as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's 
Audrey Hepburn - Blair Waldorf

Serena van der Woodsen as Marilyn Monroe

He's Chuck Bass

Let me explain: "He's Chuck Bass".  In case you need more info: buy a house and move out of the cave you have been living in. At this point - in my Gossip Girl life - I'm convinced that if Chuck did yoga he would do it in a suit. I totally dig the whole artistic look, but seriously nothing beats a man who knows how to wear a suit. It's not the suit, it's the way he wears it: with grace, self-respect - preferably a bow tie -  and Chuck Bass. The only thing that's stopping me from doing a WWCBD (What Would Chuck Bass Do) is the fact that I'm not so fond of the color pink and bow ties aren't really my "thing". He is also the only man I'd ever award with the Style Icon title. Real life Ed Westwick is just as bold, handsome and creative in a suit.

Now that we've covered the truth let's meet the people behind the script:
Gossip Girl book serie version written by Cecily von Ziegesar
Gossip Girl the serie is based on a same-titled book written by Cecily von Ziegesar. Cecily made an appearance as herself in the season 4 finale. The book is a bit different than the serie, a couple of changes were made before airing it, most fans who read the books noticed that. I only read the first one so the changes I noticed were that Blair has a little brother and that Jenny is described differently than Taylor Momsen and if I remember correctly Chuck is gay. The show was created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage who also started a new show last year called Hart of Dixie starring Rachel Bilson, Wilson Bethel, Scott Porter, Jamie King and Cress Williams.

The impact they have made on people like me (& many more) who love fashion more than anything is greatly appreciated. This is simply an ode to the writers, Eric Daman, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick (& the rest of the cast) and everyone who worked on the show for the past six year. You have made my life better and I've made a lot of friends (for life) through this show such as Leighton Meester and Chair stans. Thank you and good luck with your future projects.
Much Luv,