Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hey, What Happened to Pop Rock?

I didn't move under a pop-rock-less rock but maybe - just maybe - the Pop Rock singers and bands did! As I turned on my car this morning I was pleasantly surprised by music that I can only call a strike of luck or being at the right place at the right time. Pop Rock, a music genre mostly owned by people who can't really hit high notes or as I like to call it...sing-along-music. Not hating, just wondering where all the people, that made my teenage years live-able, are? It was never about their vocal range or their knowledge about music, it was simply about their rebellious side and their ability to cheer me up! They could sing about anything to a beat that could someday end up on the radio!

So 'hey, what happened to pop rock music?' is really more a question of concern than a question of mockery and shade. Pop Rock made it so easy to listen to a complete album - I hate singles. Maybe that's because I can really a appreciate an artist who actually knows that an album is supposed to be cohesive. If I want to hear two genres, I'll make a playlist! If I decide to buy your album it better be as cohesive as cohesive can get!

I'll forever remember the days when I shut my door to play Ashlee Simpson's and Kelly Clarkson's album very loudly, and just to be clear I didn't have to go look under a rock to find them! They were my radio click away and the answers to almost every single one of my questions - not this one though! Again, not hating but Pop Rock used to be a big deal and I really enjoyed it. Now I enjoy Indie Music, or like my friends love to call it - bands no one will every know. I just hope I won't be asking 'hey, what happened to Indie Music?' anytime soon!