Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mallzee: Making Shopping Social

Dear Fashionistas and Fashion Enthusiasts, 
I have come across a wonderful online shopping website that takes the words online and shopping to another level. Instead of your typical search and buy esthetic, Mallzee offers you a chance to personalize your online shopping options while connecting with friends. On top of that, Mallzee also gives you the best deals, it's like Black Friday every day of the year!

Mallzee is truly a work of art of wonderful & innovative people who have a love for Fashion and that can be seen in the way they plan to change the way we shop online. If you're as excited as I am...wait till you hear the brands they are working with! There are about 200 brands including Zara, All SaintsUrban Outfitters, Office and Miss Selfridge.

Mallzee gives you the opportunity to create your own mall with clothes that you favor. They (or you) can pick them by doing a Mallzee Product Test that will find you the clothes in the stores closest to your taste. To put the cherry on top: Mallzee pays you whenever you shop online via Mallzee. You can donate the money to charity or shop some more at their partners. Who knew charity and shopping could fit perfectly in one sentence?

Mallzee is planning to launch at the end of the year, around Christmas, but here's an exclusive preview of how the website will work and look:

To be one of the first to get an exclusive pre-launch invitation sign up on their official website: and bring your friends with so you can create an amazing shopping experience that will last forever.

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