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Project Runway: Meet the Designers!

Judges: Tim Gunn -Heidi Klum - Michael Kors - Nina Garcia
 As we all know Project Runway Season 10 started last Thursday, July 19th 2012. For their 10th season they wanted to start with a bang so the 16 designers had to design and create two looks. The twist was that the runway show was in Times Square in front of thousands of people. Season 10 of PR consists of 16 designers, 8 women and 8 men. PR consists of three judges Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn is their mentor. They also have specials guests and for the season 10 premiere actress Lauren Graham was their special guest. Lauren claims to be a huge PR fan and has watched all the seasons. Last years winner is Anja, who was also voted fan favorite on the Project Runway website.

Heidi Klum looked stunning in her green and see-through down the side Thomas Wylde dress with Charlotte Olympia heels
The Designers: Alicia - Dmitry - Nathan - Fabio - Buffi - Christopher - Kooan - Andrea - Melissa - Lantie - Beatrice - Ven - Sonjia - Gunnar - Elena
The designer were asked to create a look before they came. When they arrived they had a day to create a second look (a companion look). The bottom three consisted of: Kooan, Lantie and Beatrice. The top three consisted of: Christopher, Melissa and Ven. Christopher was also voted fan favorite on the Project Runway website

The Alright designers:

Fabio Costa
 Fabio is 29 and he is from Brooklyn, New York. His style is edgy and rebelious. I think his market is for celebs like Agyness Deyn and Ashlee Simpson.
I really loved Fabio's original look, even though it's all black everything it has design and I find it interesting. I would want to wear it! I also liked his styling. He didn't over do it, he kept it simple with a black bracelet and black ankle booties. I'm not very fond of his companion look. I don't like the shirt and the glasses don't belong with that outfit.

Sonjia Williams
Sonjia is 27 and she is from Boston, Massachusetts. Her style is more rebellious. Her design are possibly for celebs like Gwen Stefani.
I'm glad that Sonjia had a second chance to fix her look, because I don't like her original look. I like the leather jacket and I like the leopard pants but the yellow part of the pants looks like she's wearing a boxer under it and that. It doesn't belong there. I love her second look. I love that she mixed three kinds of fabric and somehow they go together. The black and white print has a touch of neon green in it and the leather vest made the look edgy instead of girly. I was also impressed by her styling and I think that the ankle booties were the right way to go.
Raul Osorio
Raul Osorio is 27 and he's from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His style is classic and romantic. His maket is defintely for celebs like Rachel Bilson.
I love both of Raul's looks equally. I even thought that he should've been in the top three instead of Melissa. I think his point of view is great and the clothes are well made especially the pantsuit. His styling is also good, I have no complains.
Nathan Paul
Nathan is 33 and he's from Manhatten, New York. His style is sublte sexy. I can really see celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lea Michele and Diane Kruger wearing his clothes.
 I would like to see more versatility from Nathan because those fabrics are practically the same. You can truly see that he knows a woman's body really well. The snit and the V-neck accentuate her body so well. I also love his use of color.
Gunner Deathrage
Gunner is 22 and he's from Louisville, Kentucky. His style is more chic. I think Zoe Saldana would look wonderful in his clothing!
I love both of his looks equally! I think he styled the companion look better than the original look. I don't like the white cardigan or jacket from the original look, it doesn't really belong there. What I really liked is that these looks don't have a lot in common, but they can be in the same collection.

Dmitry Sholovhok
Dmitry is 33 and he's from New York City. He has a more glamorous style. I can totally see Katy Cassidy in these dresses especially the second one.
I see no flaws in his companion look, but I like his original more. In his original look I would change a couple of things for the red carpet like the pouf-y shoulders that aren't flattering in any way. I really like the glitter and glam part in combination with the lace. I also liked his companion look. It's not too simple, it's not too sexy even though she has a part of her belly, her legs and one shoulder open. I was impressed by both of his looks!
Buffy Jashanmal
Buffy is 32 and she's from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I don't know what her style is, I see three different kind of people wearing these two outfits. For the second look I think of Ashlee Tisdale, Selena Gomez and Miranda Crosgrove.
I'm not very fond of either of the looks. They don't look expensive and well made. I didn't even think of good dressed celebs when I thought about what market she designs for. In the original look I see two people: barbie (the blouse) and a glam rock celeb (the liquid pants). The companion look isn't bad, but it has nothing special and nothing new compared to the rest of the designers.
Elena Slyvniak
Elena is 28 and she's from San Francisco, California. Her is is more futuristic. When I see her work I think of Kat Graham.
I love Elena's work. Both looks were well executed and you can immediately recognize her work. I'm not sure if more people will like her designs but you have to give her points for her style. I can't pick which look I like more, they're both eye catching. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of her.
Alicia Hardesty
Alicia is 27 and she's from Brandenburg, Kentucky. Her style is more vintage and boyish. I can really see Shanea Grimes wearing her clothes and rocking it.
 I like her original look more but the pants from the companion look is my favorite piece. The original look is styled better. With that said I think she needs to step up her game, because I think she has a lot of potential. I've seen her portfolio and it's not like anything I've ever seen.
Andrea Katz
Andrea is 58 and she's from Manhatten, New York.
I kind of liked both of her looks because I like the color combination black and white, it's classic and everlasting. However she has to be very clever to pull it off through the whole season. You can see what she wanted to create but I think that she didn't execute these looks very well especially the second look.

Bottom 3:

Lantie Foster
Lantie is 47 (yes she lied on live television) and she's from New York City. I don't know her style yet, it's hard to pick one with both of these dresses. I honestly don't see anyone wearing these clothes.
This is an example of one of the designers where I didn't like either of the dresses. Out of both of the looks the original look is better than the companion look, but it's still not good. The original look is way too busy. The fabric is busy and with the snakeskin it's way too loud! The companion look is indescribably awful. I didn't even like her styling.
Kooan Kosuke
Kooan is 30 and he's from Himeji, Japan.
Kooan seems a bit lost to me. The looks aren't synchronizing with each other, they aren't flattering on the models either. It all seems too clown-like.
Melissa Fleis
Melissa is 31 and she's from San Francisco, California. Her style is more athletic and she definitely goes for comfort.
 Neither of the looks are really eye catching, they look boring. For someone so young I expected more from her. Her original look is better than her companion look.
Mellisa went home last week. I think that they sent her home because her clothes aren't runway clothes and you can't be on Project RUNWAY if you're making clothes for people who sit on their couch eating comfort food.

And saving the best for last.....Top 3:

Beatrice Guapo
Beatrice is 28 and she's from Marina Del Rey, California. Beatrice' style is more rock inspired. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson and Kate Moss wear A LOT of black so I'm guessing that she designs for customers like them.
I liked both looks but the original look is better than the companion look. It's so simple yet beautiful and stylish and every woman wants to look like that. the leather jacket gives it an edgy look and I think it's stunning. Beatrice definitely knows how make a smashing black dress, but she should step out of her comfort zone at least three or four times this season just show versatility.
Ven Budhu
Ven is 28 and he's from Kew Gardens, New York. When I see Ven's looks I think: female empowerment. And a lot of celebrities like Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Alexa Chung, Sharon Stone and Emma Stone are into suits.
Ven's clothes are really sophisticated and well made. I really liked the color combination and the pink flower is stunning in that outfit. His companion look wasn't better than his original look, but you could see that they could be in the same collection and that is good.
Christopher Palu
Chritopher is 24 and he's from Massapequa, New York.
Christopher is young and best of all: he designs young. Chris' future clients will be Keira Knightley and Rosie Huntington Whitely.
Chris is my favorite designer from season 10. He seems to have the brightest future out of all the designers. Someone who starts this strong must have more tricks up his sleeve. His original look is better than his companion look. It looks sexy, expensive and the detail work is amazing. I also liked his LBD and because it was so simple he styled it a bit more than his original look and that was a good idea.

If you want to know more about Project Runway Season 10 or about the designers visit this website:
PR Designers

I'm really exited for this PR season because I haven't seen this many designers who differ so much from designing abilities. It has the potential to be one of the best PR seasons. Overall it was a good season premiere but what really bothered me while watching the models on the runway is that 4 or more designers had their models wear the same shoes for both looks. When it's a collection with 8 or 12 looks and two models are wearing the same shoes, it's not a problem because it won't be so noticeable, but when you have two looks with the same shoes I'm wondering if you know anything about styling. Some designers even had the same color of both shoes. What I am also sad about is that even though we have a lot of different designers there is no Mondo in this season. It looked like no one is even thinking about mixing prints. Well we can't all be a print of Genius like Mondo. I'm hoping that Raul, Fabio and Christopher will be the last three and that Christopher wins. Tune in this Thursday the 26th of July 2012 and let us know which designers you think will win it all.
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