Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Michael Kors for Bergdorfs!

Michael Kors
I know that we are all very familiar with CFDA's Lifetime Achievement Award winner Michael Kors but for those of you who forgot (I don't know why and how that's possible) here's a reminder. Michael Kors is a worldwide famous designer known for his luxurious and feminine Runway looks. RTW is his middle name! I mean celebs like Angelina Jolie, Leighton Meester, Beyonce, Blake Lively and The First Lady of Fashion Michelle Obama have worn an original MK. To put the cherry on top, we also get to experience his funny side every Thursday night on Project Runway.

Michael Kors' Resort 2013
Michael Kors is the definition of elegance and femininity, every female has to feel sexy and expensive in one of his looks. I've seen a lot of Michael Kors on the Runway and Red carpet but my favorite MK dress has to be the partly leather dress Leighton Meester wore to the premiere of The Roommate in 2011. Later that year Beyonce wore it while she was pregnant with Blue Ivy. I actually liked this dress on both fashionistas because this just shows that this dress is very versatile. Leighton and Beyonce don't have the same style and size and it looks great on both. Leighton did win in all of the Who Wore It Better polls, but this is one of the times where I feel like it truly was 50-50.
Leighton Meester and Beyonce in M.K. Resort 2011
 This morning @Bergdorfs and @MichaelKors decided to have a twitter party. Bergdorf tweeted pictures of the preview of Michael Kors for Bergdorfs and it was amazing! Bergdorf Goodman tweeted 8 pictures.
Michael Kors tweeted:
I love a feminine leather.
Mr Kors, so do I! I also love an all black outfit, especially if it has leather in it! I think this outfit is amazing. The leather gives it an edgy look and it doesn't look too serious. The shirt is my favorite part of the outfit.

This texture is inspired by the 30s alpine lodge scene. This is definitely not one of my favorite looks. That's mostly because I can't think of any celeb who'd wear this. The bag is my favorite part of the look though. The pieces are separately actually really good.

I love this look, it's so vintage but good vintage. I love the belt, I love the leather top and the black and red print is awesome. The length is perfect, not too long and not too short.

What Michael Kors said about this pheasant print:
Can you imagine me on a pheasant hunt? I wore white jeans and a black shirt.
Well Michael Kors, I was thinking the same. This pheasant-print dress is inspired by Michael Kors' hunting trip. I'm not very fond of wearing brown but this look is amazing. I like all the pieces separated and together.
What Michael Kors had to say about this look:
This was a fun piece. It's based upon one of my first pieces for Bergdorfs, made for your anniversary.
Michael Kors, the King of designing all black everything, did a very nice job with this look. The jacket or coat is one of my favorite pieces from this collection. Even though you can't see a lot of skin, the belt shows her slim waist and it flatters her body very well.

This tweet dress is one of my favorite looks. It flatters her frame, the black belt is makes it modern and the V-neck makes it so feminine.

When I see this outfit I think of a successful, strong and independant woman. I'm thinking Myrel Streep in The Iron Lady and in The Devil Wears Prada. It's stylish, fancy and feminine. What more does a woman need to feel confindent? The clothes don't make the woman, but it surely does help. That's what I luv about MK, he knows exactly how to compliment a woman's frame.
Michael Kors tweeted:
This one's heaven
Couldn't agree more Mr. Kors! This is by far my favorite look. I can truly see Gwyneth Paltrow or Zoe Saldana wear this on the red carpet, I mean it's perfect. Not too much skin, he put the cuts in the right place, nice job Mr. Michael Kors.
Fashion is truly my passion, the difference is that I want to make it last forever. There's nothing better than an effortless everlasting kind of style. The kind that makes you want to go out and have fun. Leave a comment and let me know who your favorite designers are and what you thought of Michael Kors' Berdorfs looks.
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