Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Project: An Ode to Gossip Girl

Matt Settle (Rufus) - Ed Westwick (Chuck) - Leighton Meester (Blair) - Chace Crawford (Nate) - Taylor Momsen (Jenny) - Kelly Rutherford (Lily) - Blake Lively (Serena) - Penn Badgely (Dan)
Dear Gossip Girl, Serena, Blair, Chuck, Chair, Blerena and Eric Daman stans,
as an ode to the last season of GG, I will be writing articles about the best fashion outfits from the GG cast! Season 6 has 6 episodes so I will write six articles. This is the last chance us fans will actually get the chance to show our appreciation!

Blake Lively (Serena) - Leighton Meester (Blair) - Eric Daman - Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina) - Ed Westwick (Chuck)
The first article will be about: Gossip Girl's Eric Daman. I will be putting up polls to see who your favorite GG fashionista is and I would like you all to participate and vote. You will get the chance to vote everyday till the end of september. I would also love to hear why you all admire Eric Daman for creating such exceptional and impeccable style for YOUR fav character. 

Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen)

The second article will be about Serena van der Woodsen. I would love to see your favorite Serena van der Woodsen outfits. I would also love to know why you love S' style style so much above any other character.

Blake Lively (Serena) - Blair Waldorf  (Blair)
The third one will be about: Blerena (Blair + Serena)! I would love to know your favorite Blerena moments and your favorite Blerena outfits. S and B have a love hate relationship, but they always find their way back to each other and this has inspired so many bff's, if you and your bff have different styles just like S&B, I would love to see a pic!

Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass)
The fourth article will be about Chuck Bass. I would love to know your favorite CB quotes, outfits and moments! Chuck has such an eccentric character and style that I would love to know why you love his outfits and character so much.
Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf)

The fifth article will be about: Blair Waldorf! I would love to know why you think Blair deserves the title Queen B, your fav quotes and your favorite outfits. Blair has had a huge influence on the fashion industry because of her quotes, clothes and meanness (which no one can get enough of), so I would love to know how, when and why you gals/guys started to become Queen B fans.

Chair: Ed Westwick (Chuck) - Leighton Meester (Blair)
The sixth article will be about: Chair outfits. As a chairleader I already know everything one needs to know about them, but I would still love to know what your fav Chair outfits and moments are. I would also like to know why Chair is you fav couple and when you became a Chairleader.

 If you have any new suggestions or ideas, leave a comment and let me know! Season 6 will be GG's last season I really think that ALL the fans should come and stick together because the last 6 years have been amazing to share with you gals and guys and I want to end it on good terms because some of you have become really really good friends and some even sisters!

Even though I will be writing the articles, it's us fans (TOGETHER) who are honoring the cast for all their hard work these past six years. Your participation, love, support and comments are needed. If you plan on participating you can show/sent a pic or tell me by season and episode just as long as it's very clear what outfit or quote or etc you are talking about.

If you want to vote for "Fav female fashionista of GG":  Vote here or vote on the web: DiFashionista
If you want to vote for "Fav male style of GG":  Vote here or vote on the web: DiFashionista

If you plan on participating, you can sent your messages, pics etc to:
Instagram: difashionista
Much Love,