Saturday, January 4, 2014

4 the Love of Music #7

First article of 2014 and I hope that you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The 7th edition of #4theLoveofMusic features new music by Beyoncé, The Tennessee Whalers and Miley Cyrus and a Solange song I really enjoyed in 2013.

'Everything Seems Better When You Sing'

The Tennessee Whalers consists of Nick, Rand, Allan and Mark and you should look out for them this year because they will be releasing new music soon. I just can't get enough of their song 'Locks' and lucky for you I found it on noisetrade for free last year. You can listen and download for free there, and if you like it be sure to share or let them know on their Twitter. 'Locks' is the happiest break-up song I know and it sounds great in the car. I'm so excited for the new stuff they will be releasing!

The Tennessee Whalers -

'Just Treat Me Good and Baby I'll Give You the Rest of Me'

This song has a really great beat. Not's a Solange song! The True EP came out November 2012, but I only started listening to it - a lot - in 2013. Solange is an artist that can never bore me. Her personal style and taste in music are so interesting. She's one of the reasons I started listening to Indie music in the first place and now that she started her own label we can enjoy more artists like her. I also really like how she shares her inspiration and her favorite bands.

Solange -
Losing You
Album: True EP

'Life with You Means Love and Laughter'

So, I recently heard Miley Cyrus' latest album "Bangerz", and even though it's not really my style I did enjoy 3 songs on it. That includes: Wrecking Ball, Adore You and Rooting for My Baby. The other songs lack anything that has anything to do with soul, great lyricism or heart - or as I like to call it the 'Old Miley'.  I'm not one of those people who's going to pretend like Miley was never good, I mean songs like 'Bottom of the Ocean', 'Forgiveness and Love', 'Stay' and 'Obsessed' are songs that I will be listening to for the rest of my life. I guess we'll all have to appreciate the fact that there are 3 'old Mileys' on this new album.

Miley Cyrus -
Rooting for My Baby
Album: Bangerz

'I'll Search Through the Crowd if Your Face is All that I See'

When it was time to start writing another edition of #4theLoveofMusic the only question was, which Beyoncé song would be in it - I mean, I couldn't even pick my favorite song. I recently realized that the reason why I think the album BEYONCÉ is a great album is because you really see her let go - she's more open than she used to be. It's an 'I'm have fun because I feel good' album and I normally don't like that but it's a great look for her! It's a celebration of her journey, female empowerment and life. Beyoncé is ***Flawless at being a BOSS and showing us how we - women - can achieve just as much or more than men. My favorites are ***Flawless, Drunk in Love, Blue, Heaven and XO. The video for 'XO' was directed by Terry Richardson and the amazing Fashion model Jourdan Dunn is in it. I really like her raspy voice in XO, it somehow makes it more romantic and the video makes the song even better. It's everything - the location, the simple jeans and racer-back tank look, the roller coaster, the flashing lights and the many-many accessories around her neck and wrist.

Beyoncé -

4 the Love of Music will now be released 4 times a year, instead of every month. I simply don't have the time that I used to have and I want to focus more on different kind of articles this year. That's why I have decided to cut down on music to broaden my blogging subjects. That makes it January, April, July and October of every year. The next edition will be released on April 4th 2014. See you then!
Much Love,