Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update: Lana Del Rey for H&M

H&M confirmed this morning that Lana Del Rey will be the face of their Fall and Winter collection. They will also release Lana Del Rey's version of Blue Velvet on September 19th 2012.
So far I have heard only good things about her new gig. Lana Del Rey fans know this isn't exactly her first modeling contract because she was signed to Ford Teens when she was younger and she is currently signed to Next.
This has been an extremely good year for Elisabeth "Lizzy" Grant. Her album did great, I for one can't stop listening to it. From Blue Jeans to Off to the Races she has that addictive vibe to her music. Her fresh face has landed her on magazines that describe her as eye candy, but when you listen to her album you'll agree with me that she also falls under the ear candy category too. Earlier this year she was also on the cover of Vogue UK and Mulberry named a bag after her. Del Rey is the name of this Mulberry bag that is available in brown, blue, white and black. This bag was released earlier than planned because of the popularity after the announcement. If it's not sold out yet, which is practically impossible, it should cost about $1,277.
Lana Del Rey on the cover of Vogue UK's March 2012 issue

Del Rey, the bag that Mulberry named after LDR!

This week H&M released the rest of the pics from Lana Del Rey for H&M Autumn. In the preview they showed peach/pastel pink which suits her really well. I am pleasantly surprised by the newly released pictures because they continued with the soft and even the classic colors that fit her style and face. They also kept it very Lana Del Rey with her hair. LDR can immediately be recognized by her bouffant and vintage make-up and H&M paired their style with hers very well.

The looks are all very comfy and tailored. From the knitted green off-the-shoulder to the black and white bows in her hair to the tweed dress, the ad looks very good. These last two looks are my favs. The pants look like an art project and the white peplum top looks great with it. The last look is a tweed jacket with a white dress underneath. Except for the headband, that look is close to looking perfect.

 Lana Del Rey was not just chosen as a model, but also as a singer. I'm guessing that they will soon release the video campaign that comes with the contract. Can't wait to hear and see it!
Which was your fav LDR for H&M look? Let me know by leaving a comment! I'd luv to hear it!
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