Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LoveStruck by Vera Wang's LoveStruck Floral Rush

Vera Wang
Everyone must know Vera Wang, the woman who designs wedding dresses every bride is dreaming to wear on their wedding day. Most brides feel this way because Vera Wang has the power to make every bride look youthful, elegant and beautiful in her everlasting classic and romantic wedding gowns. Whether you're style is edgy, romantic or even preppy she can turn it into glamorous for the big day. Miss Vera  also designed Gossip Girl's Queen B "royal" wedding dress. Even though that wedding was a total disaster, espicially for Chairleaders, the dress was the most successful part about that Gossip Girl episode. Every Chairleader, Gossip Girl fan and Leighton Meester fan will agree that Blair Waldorf looked stunning in that VW wedding dress. She has even designed wedding dresses for celebs like Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, Mariah Carey and Avril Lavigne. Even the first lady Mrs. Obama was spotted wearing VW a couple of times.
Blair Waldorf wearing VW in Gossip Girl

Even though Vera Wang has several successful clothing lines (not just for wedding dresses), she somehow finds time to also have several successful fragrances! We have: Princess, Truly Pink, Preppy Princess, Rock Princess, Glam Princess, Bouquet, Look, LoveStruck and so much more. I happen to own a bottle of Lovestruck, which smells like romance in a bottle.
Leighton Meester  and Tommy Dunn for Lovestruck
Vera Wang chose the young, stunning and successful Leighton Meester as the face of her latest perfume. Vera specially designed the strapless mermaid dress featured in the Lovestruck ad. They also shot a commercial for the campaign featuring a very handsome male model, Tommy Dunn. VW had modern day Romeo and Juliet in mind when she came up with this new fragrance. The song Rollercoaster that is featured in this commercial is sung by The Dirtbombs. Lovestruck is available at Macy's and Harrods and other selected stores.
Macy's Lovestruck isle in Miami
Lovestruck commercial shirt
Lovestruck beauty bag
Lovestruck poster in Macy's
Leighton Meester and Vera Wang at the launch of Lovestruck in London
VW's latest perfume is a new version of Love Struck called Lovestruck Floral Rush. It will be launched August 2012. It has been confirmed and Vera Wang has even released the poster which features Leighton Meester, Tommy Dunn and the Floral Rush bottle. The Floral Rush bottle is slightly similar to the original bottle. The Floral Rush color combo is purple with green and the bottle also has a feminine bow. I for one can't wait for August to come!

Lovestruck Floral Rush
Floral Rush and Lovestruck