Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer: Heel or No Heel?

We all know that every girl loves a great heel, but summer is just not a time for me to wear heels all the time! Summer is all about effortless comfort, bikini's, shorts, tanktops, sun, surf, shopping, sales and beach. During the Summer my solemates are flats, gladiators, thongs or sandals. They go perfect with shorts, skirts and colorful shirts or tanktops.

Shoemint's Hejsa: neon pink thongs with a hint of neutral
Shoemint's Hejsa:
Neon pink sandals
This summer the rule is: the brighter the better! Even on the runway we saw hints of neon returning to Planet Fashion. Remember the neon Burberry sunglasses Cara Delevingne wore? Just my luck, because I love bright colors! A lot of websites have hints of neon in stock this summer and fashionistas are adapting to this trend very fast. Who isn't looking forward to mixing and matching neon flats or gladiators with jean short and a tanktop?

Shoemint's Patricia: Purple/Blue neon flats

Green neon flats

Neutral flat with a hint of yellow neon
Sandals, gladiators, flats and thongs can easily be worn with typical summer clothing. For the outfit not to look too simple, you can wear them with skinny jeans and a floral blouse. Accessoiries like neon nailpolish, neon sunglasses and neon handbags are also in for summer but don't over do it! Too much neon can easily turn childish instead of stylish. Have fun and remember: Style is Personality!
Don't forget your sunglasses because this summer has a bright future!
Much Love,