Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blumarine RTW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

The thing that I always really like about Blumarine collections, is the way they play with colors. Stacey Bendet (from Alice + Olivia) and Chris Benz are know for their use of color, but not the same way. Blumarine simply uses the color combination like the way the ocean has different colors. the deeper you go the darker it gets. It's basically their signature by now. This season we got to see a bit less color combinations that normally (remember last season?) but we also got a lot more movement in the pieces. I'm talking about high-slits and soft and light weight fabrics, that's the recipe for movement in clothes. What can I say a lot more skin (V-necks and high slits) and a lot more lace isn't that a recipe for a red carpet success?

Anna Molinari
Blumarine was founded in 1977 by husband and wife Gianpaolo Tarabini and Anna Molinari. Blumarine basically comes from their favorite colors and their love of the ocean. They have about 55 stores around the world and they won Designer of the Year in 1980. Anna and Gianpaolo have two kids Rossella and Gianguido, who play a very big role in the collection. Rossella is a designer for the company and Gianguido is CEO of the company.

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces:

Here is the rest of the collection, so you can choose you favorites:

I like, no love color (mostly bright) but I can appreciate pastel colors if used correctly. Ocean colors are great source of inspiration for this designer and that's why I most of the time find their Resort wear extra amazing. I would have loved to see a hint of last seasons trend though and more of their signature color combinations.
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