Saturday, September 22, 2012

Alberta Ferretti RTW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Alberta Ferretti clearly had a under-the-sea vision for her RTW Spring/Summer 2013 collection. From the ocean blue/green colors to the soft make-up, the soft fabrics and sure enough the wet hair trend. I surely can appreciate those effects and the combination of them all. We don't have blue/green ocean water here so I enjoy it extremely while I can when I'm on vacation. It's one thing to take under the sea as an inspiration but it's another thing to actually dress like it and make it look great. I am most impressed by her fabrics, most people know that ocean blue and green mix well together, that's why. The colors were inevitable for the under the sea effect but with the fabric she created pieces that don't need any explanation for their inspiration. A couple of lace pieces in the blue/green and dark blue colors is all it takes to make any woman look feminine and chic. Next to that she also put a couple of pieces that look like the thin layer on rocks on the bottom of the ocean, sometimes it's moss. The pieces with that effect were my favorites because they also had a glowing effect.

Alberta Ferretti

Here are a couple of my favorite looks:

Here is the rest of the collection, so you can choose your favorites:

Monique Lhuillier's RTW Spring/Summer 2013 collection also had a under the sea effect, but the collections aren't anything alike. That's what I love about fashion! Who you are and what you've been through totally decides what will set you apart as a designer. Next to that both collections stood out in their own way.
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