Saturday, October 4, 2014

4 the Love of Music #10

Ten editions and still going strong! If it's one thing we'll never run out of, it's music. It's alive, beautiful and life changing if you look in the right places. First look back at 10 editions of '4 the Love of Music' if you haven't already. This month, we go back 10 years for one song and come back to 2014 for three songs.

'I Know We Ain't Got Much to Say Before I Let You Get Away'

The year is 2004. A great year for music. Back when the MTV V.M.A.'s was still relevant. Jet, Hoobastank, Yellowcard and Outkast performed. I don't even have to look it up. Performances were worth gold and so were the people performing. Hoobastank sang The Reason, Yellowcard sang Ocean Avenue, Outkast sang Hey Ya and Jet sang Are You Gonna Be My Girl? Ten years later and these four songs are still great, if it's possible, they're even better than before. All you have to hear is the first 4 seconds to know what song it is and think back to their V.M.A. performances. And if it's 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl?', you'll keep waiting for that moment when you can help Jet scream "Are you gonna be my girl" while playing air guitar. That's not the only relevant thing Jet has done. Their song 'Look What You've Done' made it to the soundtrack of 'A Lot Like Love', which has one of the best soundtracks EVER! The only thing better than these two songs, is the name of the album they're on, Get Born. It doesn't take long to realize that Jet is a cool band, without even trying to be. Their cool will rub off on you once you hear this song:

Jet -
Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
Album: Get Born

'Sink My Pains and Complains, Let the River Take Them'

They're not Mary-Kate and Ashley, but Lisa and Naomi are certainly making all twins look good as a unit. Ibeyi, a band I found through Vogue magazine, just released their EP, Oya. I first heard 'Mama Says', but there's one song on the EP that I just can't get enough of. 'River', a song dedicated to the River Goddess Oshun, will make you fall in love with the French-Cuban twins. They wrote it, they sing it and they star in the amazing video. The beat and the background vocals really bring this song to another level. And, in both Mama Says and River they end up singing in Yoruba, which makes them so unique and a pleasure to listen to.

Ibeyi -
Album: Oya EP

'You Try to Catch Me When I'm Finally Free'

The day has come my friends. Leighton Meester is finally releasing her album! I'm not talking about 'Somebody to Love' and 'Good Girls Go Bad' Leighton Meester. That is a great Leighton Meester, but I prefer hippie-floral-crown-wearing Leighton Meester any time of the day. I've heard all of the songs live on her #LMCITD tour, but now it's time to start stanning for the studio version. If you haven't noticed I'm a stan, and all Lei stans have already met this Leighton Meester, but the rest of the world will be blown away! She wrote most of the songs, they mean a lot to her and it's much more personal than anything she's ever done. It's not Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and it's definitely not Rebecca from The Roommate. It's Leighton Marissa Meester. 

Leighton Meester -
Album: Heartstrings

'We Lay Here for Years or For Hours, Your Hand In My Hand'

Hozier, a must look out for artist, who's album is being released October 7 2014, is taking the internet by storm with his song Take Me To Church. It's honest, epic and the world needs more people like Hozier. Basically, every Hozier song I've heard is amazing. Vocally, musically and artistically. Without trying he makes sure you know it's his music you're listening to, by putting his own spin on it. It goes without saying, Hozier's music is here to stay and he could be the new voice music so desperately needs. Sure a lot can hold a tune. But, how many can sing just as well on stage as in the studio. When first hearing a Hozier song, I don't doubt you'll think, 'man, I must hear this man live'. Also, you can get a better version of this track for free, if you share it with your friends.

Hozier -
In a Week
Album: Hozier

If you look at this edition we have a lot to look out for this year. It goes without saying, there are more musicians you should be checking out. I'm doing my part in sharing one of the best things life has to offer, music. Share with me your favorite songs and bands.
Much Love,