Thursday, July 4, 2013

4 the Love of Music #4: The Summer Edition!

Happy Summer!
I hope you are enjoying the sun and sand with music in the back. This edtion - the 4th edition - of '4 the Love of Music' is themed 'summer music'. So every year I have a summer theme song and it's most of the time a song I can't stop listening to. Summer hits aren't really about good heartfelt lyrics but more about eccentric beats that make you feel relaxed and ready to have fun!
My summer theme songs of the previous years include:
- Ni**as in Paris by Jay-z & Kanye
- My Love by Justin Timberlake & T.I. 
- Wanna Love You by Robin Thicke & Pharrell
- Whine Up by Kat Deluna & Elephant Man

'You & I can Find what the World's been Looking for Forever...Friendship & Love Together'

One thing that makes Summer even better...L.O.V.E. One of sweetest and most romantic songs I can actually remember from when I was really young is a song by India.Arie. At that age it was something new for me and I was totally blown away by her soulful voice and new point of view of love. When I heard the song Bubly by Colbie Caillat I immediately thought of India.Arie's song. That's why I connect both songs to summer romance whenever I hear them. India.Arie makes love seem so easy and fun in 'Can I Walk with You':

India.Arie -
Can I Walk With You
Album: Voyage to India

'Nobody Knows What the Future Holds and It's Bad Enough Just Getting Old'

 Everyone knows Summer is also Festival Season! And in my opinion Festival music is the best kind of music. Sometimes they don't make sense, but that doesn't matter because everyone is just there to sing along  and have fun. Indie bands don't normally have the tendency to bring out 'crappy songs' with 'crappy lyrics' so that's what makes festivals so amazing. Coachella ended earlier this year, but festivals like Glastonbury and Lollapalooza are summer festivals. They had amazing line ups and one of them is Vampire Weekend. I've been a longtime V.W. fan and their latest album Modern Vampires of the City came out earlier this year. It has a couple of great songs, two of them being 'Diane Young' and 'Ya Hey'. They performed 'Diane Young' at this year's Glastonbury and here it is:

Vampire Weekend -
Diane Young
Album: Modern Vampires of the City

'You & I - bloodlines, We Come Together Every time'

I first discovered Jessie Ware when I was watching this years Coachella. She was on Solange Knowles' 'people to look forward to on Coachella' list so I had to check her out. By the time her album Devotion came out, the track 'Wildest Moments' was on iTunes' 'songs we really enjoy' list - also known as the free track of the week. The lyrics are pretty good but I didn't really get the video...until now. I quickly fell in love with Wildest Moments as Jessie describes a relationship involving two people who aren't meant to be together - singing 'two wrongs, no rights'. There's a certain irony in it as she continues 'we walk the line'. In the last verse she describes how she misses their 'wildest moments' and she's also wondering 'what if''. That explains her turning circles in the video, their relationship is back and forth. In this case, simplicity is key!

Jessie Ware -
Wildest Moments
Album: Devotion

'I Feel So Lucky, You Wanna Hug Me. What Rhymes with Hug Me?'

If two people on this planet should be working more together their names are: Robin Thicke and Pharrell. I mean whenever their forces unite, magic comes out. Their last hit 'Wanna Love You' was also one of my 'summer songs' a couple of years ago. They did it again - this time with T.I. - and I love it in an 'on repeat' way. It's really more of a either-really-love-it or really hate it kind of a song, which sounds like every summer hit. This is my 2013 summer theme song:

Robin Thicke ft Pharrell ft T.I. -
Blurred Lines
Album: Blurred Lines

It's always summer in my country, so it's sun everyday, but music is the only thing that really changes around this time because she weather is most certainly not. If it's even possible it can get hotter in august. It's great to spend these days surrounded by water!
Much Love,

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The next edition of "4 the Love of Music" will be released on: Sunday August 4th 2013.

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