Thursday, April 4, 2013

4 the Love of Music! #1

My love for music can’t ever be held back neither can my curiosity for finding new sounds and artists. I'm always looking for something new - even if it's old.
'4 the Love of Music' is simply my way of sharing more than just inspirational pictures on Tumblr and Instagram. Music is a big part of my life and a huge source of inspiration, not just for me but also for a lot of people. That's why I've decided to release 4 of my favorite songs on the 4th of every month!
Not always does the “mi casa es su casa” phrase work, but it does in this case! Here's a piece of my 18-year-young head & heart:

"I Play Tough As Nails With My Heart On My Sleeve"

I am going to start with one of my all time favorite songs because I feel like it was written for me. The young lady who sings it, is not a stranger in the Fashion World. She was my "Style Ruler" prediction for 2013 in '2013, the Year of...?' on DiFashionista. What makes this song even better is the fact that I also associate it with the DiFashionista Blog motto: "Style is Personality". Let this fun - fierce - fabulous masterpiece take you over:

Solange Knowles -
Sandcastle Disco
Album: Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams

"You Fill Your Pockets, Yet You Empty Out My Soul"

One of the things I can really appreciate in music, is: the truth. Pop  music is made for radio stations, but a lot of musicians - mostly Indie bands - have a habit of telling the truth no matter what. I have not heard from the band what this song is about, but this song describes the modern music industry that I get bored and/or annoyed with. It's not just the song that made an impact on me, but the video is also really really good:

Churchill -
Album: Change EP

"Red Cars Are Quite Rare I've Realized, Then I Wondered Which Color You'd Like"

BOY consists of two girls with fresh faces that will light up your headphones with their eccentric and easy going music. The video is just as relax and free as their music. I just heard their album Mutual Friends and fell in love with this track:

Little Numbers
Album: Mutual Friends

"Without Her I'm Lost, but My Love Don't Fade Away"

The British band Mumford and Sons have had a great 2013 start with an "Album of the Year" Grammy in their pocket for the album 'Babel'. Well deserved and well written, I must put them on the list. Their raw, eccentric and free-spirited music gets me through gloomy days. No it's not (only) the beards, but the combination of their acoustic- genre and the soul they put in it.

Mumford and Sons -
Album: Babel

This is the first edition of “4 the Love of Music”. This new edition of DiFashionista is a monthly edition, that includes 4 songs that will be released on the 4th of every month. It’s basically me sharing my everyday inspiration. Let me know which ones u liked!
Much Love & Music, 

The next edition "4 the Love of Music! #2" will be released on: Saturday May 4th 2013.

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