Friday, January 11, 2013

2013, the Year of ...?

2013 is finally here, Happy New Year and I wish you the best. To prepare you for how amazing this year is going to be, I've made a list of people who will most likely have their peak in 2013. From models to actors, actresses and designers. All young, talented and inspirational. I've been a fan of most of them and some I have discovered through out 2012. The celeb industry is filled with talented people but only a few get the chance to shine. I'll also talk about a couple of trends happening in 2013.

The list of the Ones to Watch:
- the Style Ruler to Watch
- the Model to Watch
- the Actor to Watch
- the Suit Carpet-er to Watch
- the Designer to Watch
- the Man to Watch
- the Woman to Watch

Style Ruler:

When we are talking about a Style Ruler we need to look for someone who not only sets the Fashion Trends  but also lives up to my motto: "Style is Personality". When I look at those high standards only one woman comes to mind: Miss Solange Knowles. 2012 has been a wonderful year for Solange (music and Fashion wise), but I promise you, it's just the beginning! From being followed by Vogue for 29 Days for their Today I'm Wearing Column to being the face of Madewells collection, I'd say she's one Red Carpet Ruler to watch!
Solange, singer, DJ, actress, song writer, dancer, model and soon to be Style Icon is the perfect example of  a March-to-your-own-drums-mentality that we need more of. It's like she's my living proof of my "Style is Personality" theory which basically translates into "Be Yourself with Fashion and you'll meet Style". Hopefully that will be 2013's new thing.

Model to Watch:

If you are in the fashion industry you must have heard of a Miss Cara Delevingne. Cara was seen on the runway for almost every label and brand last year, it's so obvious why. I always look for Cara's fresh face when watching a fashion show and Victoria Secret clearly agrees with me. She was one of the VS Angles in their last collection and she managed to get her face on the ads of the most luxurious brands around the world. My favorite ads of her are the Burberry Beauty ads along side Jourdan Dunn. To put the cherry on top, Cara also won Model of the Year at the annual British Fashion Awards 2012, she was up against friend Jourdan Dunn and David Gandy. Don't just look for Cara on the runway, now she's also on the list of Models turned actresses since she made her cinema debut in Anna Karenina along side Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Aaron Johnson.
Cara does a lot of Runway shows and ads but I'm hoping she'll have more covers on her name by the end of 2013. It takes a lot of years (and hard work) to actually get the supermodel title (Coco Rocha is living proof of that) but every model has her shining moment. She has the face, she has the talent just get the camera already!

Actor to Watch:

If it's up to me I'd say give him his Oscar already...but since it doesn't work like that I say: look out for Eddie Redmayne in 2013! The man is a brilliant British cinema stunner waiting to happen, or so I thought until I saw Les Miserables. LesMis was proof that he already is one! I first fell in love with Eddie Redmayne on the runway for Burberry and for Burberry ads with Miss Cara Delevingne. Eddie has an eccentric face with the expression of a young hopeful achiever which is what 2013 will be all about. The Model turned actor first stunned along side Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn.

Suit Carpet:

No, I don't mean Chuck Bass, even though he's the TV-King of (eccentric) suits, but let's just say Chuck taught Ed well. If there's anything more handsome on the red carpet than a man with a's a man who knows how to wear a suit...preferably with a beard. The award goes to: Ed Westwick!

Why? That's easy. Ed's effortless look on and off set is admirable and when he hits the red carpet, that's when all the magic happens. Ed is the face of Philipp Plein and he also made his runway debut for their last collection. Ed certainly always finds a reason to hit the red wear a suit. In 2013 he'll certainly get the chance to since he stars in the remake of Romeo and Juliet which comes out in 2013. To put the cherry on top the British stud was honored last year (2012) at the 9th Annual Style Awards.

With Gossip Girl ending last year Ed has the chance to achieve greatness as an actor in the cinemas. We all know he has the talent, Chuck Bass is one of the most hated & loved characters on TV, and even dislikers seem to agree on one thing: the Man can act...and wear a suit.

Designers to Watch:

Anyone who follows me on Twitter, Instagram and Blogger knows that I cannot stop talking about the amount of talent Dion Lee has. When I first discovered him during London Fashion Week, I was amazed by his talent of mixing colors, cuts, patterns and prints. To think that I only checked out his show because he has a male version of my name! As most of you know I'm always looking for young and new voices, artists and designers to get inspired by and Dion definitely belongs on the list. In my article about his last RTW Spring/Summer 2013 collection I already said that he is on the "the ones to watch list" and after looking at his progress in ads I'd say that you should look out for him every year! The thing I like most about the Australian-born designer is the fact that he can play with volume in a flattering way, which shows that he knows a woman's body very well. London Fashion Week is my favorite out of them all and another designer I was pleasantly surprised by was Jean-Pierre Braganza. In comparison to Dion, Jean-Pierre has a bit more looks for the tomboy in every Fashionista.

A couple of my favorite looks from Dion Lee's RTW SS2013 collection fro LFW

Man to Watch:

Ryan Gosling is certainly not a newbie when it comes to our screens. Most people first fell in love with Ryan in the movie remake of The Notebook starring alongside Rachel McAdams, where he showed his soft, sweet and romantic side. Ryan quickly made sure to show everyone that he also has a bad boy side. Leave the smile, leave his charm, leave the abs (can't believe I said that), the man is really talented. A young James Dean is what he reminds me of. Very easy on the eyes, eccentric style, a passion for what he does and the ability to play both charming and rebel. If it's possible to make him look even better he can sing, play guitar and play the piano. Ryan started a band back in 2008 called Dead Man's Bones. The reason why Ryan is the Man to Watch: his love for gangster movies. Let's just say more James Dean (squared) and a little less Noah (his character in The Notebook). As amazing as he was in The Notebook, I really miss the whole James Dean rebel-bad boy period where it's just all black everything (clothes) or black and white clothes. Luckily we get to see this in Gangster Squad coming! G.S. starring Sean Penn, James Brolin and Emma Stone is a bad boy movie explosion waiting to happen.

Woman to Watch:

The funny thing about naming actress Anne Hathaway, the Woman to Watch is the fact that I feel like giving her Singer, Actress, Model, Soon-to-be Style Icon (&now Dancer) to watch throphee. The woman is a success when it comes to doing just about anything. I'm thinking of calling her and asking her how well she can rap, for you never know....2013 can be the year! Like most of the people on this list Anne has certainly had an amazing 2012. With The Dark Night Rises out last July and Les Miserables coming out last month and Anne on the cover of every Fashion Magazine she totally deserves the Woman to Watch title. We all know the woman can sing (she was featured on the Elle Enchanted Soundtrack) but who knew that she had a "I Dreamed a Dream" up her sleeve? I give credit where there is credit to give and Anne sang beautifully and played her role more than amazing. She has a voice with emotions that are very rare to place in a character. Bless the actress that can sing better than most artists nowadays (hint: Rihanna).
If that's not enough I have the right to also brag about her modeling skills. She's such an amazing model that I sometimes forget that she's originally an actress.
Another thing that makes a woman look more amazing is the men she has worked with. Now let's see: Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Eddie Redmayne, Morgan Freeman, Bradley Cooper, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, is it really necessary that I continue?
Not only is she the Woman to Watch but also the Woman to Be, she just got married and she looks happier than ever. Can't wait to see what's next! The only awards that Anne will have to wait for (maybe in 2013) is....the Dancer to Watch.

Trends to Watch

Now that we've covered the people you should look out for in 2013, here are a couple of trends that will most likely peak in 2013.

Women Wearing a Suit:

Heidi Klum - Pink - Gwen Stefani - Chloe Sevigne - Ashley Madekwe - Shailene Woodley - Ashley Madekwe - Solange Knowles

The women wearing a  suit trend has slowly been increasing. With almost every collection containing one or two suits for women I can definitely see this trend continuing. It's not just for the tomboy woman, it's for the feminine, glam-rock, classic and even the hippie woman. I'm guessing that this trend started when magazines started promoting the business woman, which is what the modern woman looks like. I can really appreciate this trend since lately it isn't just a plain suit, designers are really putting a lot of effort in their prints and cuts. From the customers point of view: even they are making the effort to style it well. What I love most about the women wearing a suit trend, is the fact that we have more options than the men who started wearing suits. Women can accessorize with chains, shoes and belts. Anything you can do, we can suit better.

Black & White on the Red Carpet:

Ashley Madekwe - Kristen Stewart - Marrion Cotillard

I'm a fan of colorful, even neon, clothes, but one of my favorite outfits are the classic black and white ones where it looks like you just stepped out of the era of Breakfast at Tiffany's. It seems like more designers actually agree with me. In a lot of the 2013 collections there are a lot of black and white pieces that I can't wait to see this year. The black and white trend slowly faded when people thought that it looked too funeral inspired, I think that you can really do a lot of structure and modern inspired things in black and white designs. It's really more a thing of keeping it fun and modern instead of thinking about just a black and white outfit. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of that.

Mixing Prints | Cape Coats | Tribal Prints | Over-sized Tie-Fronts

Mixing Prints:
One of my New Year’s Resolutions were to wear more prints and to really go big I made a new year’s resolution to mix prints. That is really a very brave way to further your preferences of your personal style. A lot of people I find Style Icons (or upcoming Style Icons) have mastered the art of mixing prints. To me it’s really a sign that fashion is your thing. A lot of designers really focus on keeping color and different shapes to keep it modern when it comes to fabric. I've seen these pieces on the runway shows (mostly) separately, but few people have started mixing unusual (colorful) prints and I’m hoping this will become a trend. 


We all know Queen B (Blair Waldorf) was also the Queen of Cape-coats but last season Burberry brought back this trend in their Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. I loved it then and I love it now! This cape-coat trend is actually not a trend that I’ve seen anywhere yet, it’s simply a trend that I hope catches on. There is nothing more elegant and classy than a cape-coat if you ask me. I think Christopher really took a great chance when he added the cape-coat to their last collection. It’s really unexpected and it looked great with their metallic fabrics and pieces. Another thing I love about the (maybe) upcoming trend is that the cape-coat doesn’t need much of anything really. It’s most of the time a comfy fabric and a plain color it’s easy to wear with prints and colorful pieces that are so in Fashion lately.

Tribal prints:

With prints being so in, tribal prints are the way to get your print point across. Missoni is one of the first collections that became famous for their signature (mostly colorful) tribal prints. Tribal prints have a way of making an outfit pop more. Somehow tribal prints look a lot less colorful than they would with a normal print. They make a great outfit, that you don't need to do a lot with.

Over-sized tie-fronts:
Sheer blouses have ruled most of 2012 and they are certainly not slowing down in 2013. They are just continuing their awesomeness. The new thing? Over-sized tie-fronts! Sheer blouses can be a bit too feminine for some but tie-fronts give it a little edge. And the over-sized part, they just make it look way better with skinnies. It's perfect for a day to the mall or to a movie. Can't wait to see what people will come up with in 2013 with this trend.

From what I've seen from all the 2013 collections, this year is going to be a wonderful year for Fashion. The red carpet is the perfect stage for celebs to express themselves and some really leave their mark. I'm looking forward to hearing great music and watching new movies and I'm especially looking forward to seeing fashion shows and what celebs will wear on the red carpet.
Much Love,