Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year!

Dear loyal readers,
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the love and support through out this year. Your feedback on this blog and on other social networks gives me the opportunity to better the blog and really get to know my readers. I started this blog last July with the hopes of doing two of my favorite things and those are Fashion & writing. I've had a blast writing every article and I look forward to writing more next year and many years after that.

As this is my last article for 2012, I'd like to share with you the highlights of 2012:
- My Very First Article: "Introducing Me"

- Most read article on DiFashionista: "Oscar de la Renta RTW SS2013 Collection"

- 2nd Most read article on DiFashionista: "Gossip Girl: Fashion. Forward."

- My new favorite Designer: "Dion Lee"

- My Favorite Brand: "Burberry"

- Lana Del Rey, the face H&M's Autumn/Winter Collection: "Lana Del Rey for H&M"

- Vera Wang's LoveStruck Prequel: "LoveStruck by Vera Wang's LoveStruck Floral Rush"

- Summer Solemates: "Summer: Heel or No Heel?"

- Teen Choice Awards 2012: "Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks"

- Comparing Models & Supermodels because the word Supermodel is overused: "Model Monday: Model or Supermodel?"

- Project Runway Season 10: "Project Runway: Meet the Designers!"

- British All-Star Supermodels at the Olympics held in the England: "All-Star Supermodels Go for Gold"

- The trend: Shorts on the Red Carpet: "The Short Story Part 1: Leather Shorts"

- My favorite Ready To Wear Spring/Summer 2013 Collections: "RTW SS2013"

Since this is my last chance for 2012 I'd like to wish you and your family Happy Holidays. I will be spending the Holidays quietly with my family enjoying the short vacation that I have and I will be back releasing new articles around January 7th 2013.
Until then a Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year!
Much Love,
& Family.