Saturday, May 4, 2013

4 the Love of Music! #2

For the second edition of DiFashionista's '4 the Love of Music' I am going to show you the awesomeness that is my 'new' favorite band. They are....The Lumineers.
From being able to perform at the Grammy's and at Coachella 2013 - and let's not forget selling over 1 million albums - The Lumineers have come a long way. A friend recommended their self-titled album and since then I can't seem to picture a moment of my life that they haven't been playing in my ear - or  in my head. Repeat is a place they have come to earn and should make peace with!

Everyone has that band that you want to listen to all the time but when you search their track list you don't know which song to listen to first, well The Lumineers are like that for me. I'm not saying I can't pick my favorite song from them, I'm just saying it doesn't happen a lot that a band/artists has an album filled with amazing songs. It is literally the only album where I haven't come across a song I dislike. I can listen to the album without skipping anything - that's a work of art, if you ask me.

The thing that really makes The Lumineers stand out, is the same rule as in Fashion: Be cohesive yet versatile AT ALL TIMES! Listening to their album will show you their sound as a band, but it will surely won't make you say 'ow I heard this song already'.


The band members from left to right: Stelth, Neyla, Wesley, Jeremiah and Ben.

"And Love, We Need It Now. Let's Hope For Some 'Cause We're Bleeding Out"

The Lumineers first released 'Ho Hey' off their debut album and the video quickly came after that. Ho Hey is a very good introduction to the band's new sound - it's both mainstream and also underground. There are circling a lot of 'meanings' behind the song, some claim it's about the love of his life, others say it's about his move from NY to Denver and another claims that it's about drugs (I highly doubt that). It's not important, we all find our own meaning behind our favorite songs. When I first heard it I thought 'this must me excellent live' and the band said it's a definite crowd-pleaser. It was received pretty good because they ended up performing it at the Grammy's and it has over 63 million views on YouTube. I fell in love with this song and decided to check out the album:

Song: Ho Hey

"In the End it All Comes Down to Credibility. I had None, So I Will Die With the Secrets of the Sea"

Wesley (the lead singer) wrote most of the songs and this next song is an example of how important the relationship between lyrics and music is. The lyrics are amazing and comedic but what really sets this song apart is the music behind it. It's catchy and eccentric because they didn't over-do the music instruments. It's the right amount of keeping it mainstream and  honest at the same time. Now it's yours to listen to:

Song: Submarines

"Suits Were Made For Men Not Boys"

The second song that I fell in love with is not on the album, but it is my favorite song from them. Like the rest of the album, this song strongly shows their talent of telling a story through music, which is really the kind of music I like and miss from the modern music industry. Some songs don't need a lot of explanation - this is one of them:

Song: Don't Wanna Go

"Some Love Was Made For The Lights. Some Kiss Your Cheeks And Goodnight"

The next song is not the kind that will be released anytime soon - it's not very mainstream. It's one for the true fans and every album has 1 - 3 songs that are for the acoustic/slow-it-down and sing-beautiful-words fans, like me. This song (almost) didn't make the album but the Denver-Colorado trio fought hard to get it on the album. As you will hear - it wasn't recorded in a real studio and that's one of the reasons why it almost didn't make the final album. I'm glad it did because it's one of my favorites - it has a very raw and live feel to it and it makes the album more soulful than it already is:

Song: Slow It Down

Here are 4 + 1 bonus songs worth listening to:

Song: Classy Girls

Song: Dead Sea

Song: Big Parade

Song: Charlie Boy

Song: Flapper Girl

As much as I can encourage you to check out The Lumineers, they are simply a band that you'll either really dislike or really like. Their sound is not that mainstream but eccentric plus the lead singer is the total package eye candy. What you see and hear is what you'll get...they're as good on the album as they are live: eccentric, raw and honest!
Much Love & Music,

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