Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alice + Olivia RTW Spring/Summer 2013 Collection!

Designer for Alice + Olivia, Stacey Bendet, described her RTW Spring/Summer 2013 Collection as "the American Dream". In her words: " the late 1950s optimism". Stacey claims that there's a little humor in all the designs, but I'm not surprised Alice + Olivia is a collection where you should expect original, colorful and stop-and-stare worthy pieces. I first fell in love with A+O when I bought my first bag and later found out that it was designed by Stacey! I looked up the collection and immediately fell in love with their sense of style. I had never before seen a designer who knew how to play with color and prints so well.
A+O is opening a couple of new stores internationally and in the U.S. later this year and the thing that makes them so lovable is that they stay true to their customers. Stacey takes that very seriously and she always says that she picks a trend to start designing but she always keeps in mind that she wants her customers to look like individuals. She's also very into change. Remember until last season she had never thought about making a floor length dress if one of her friends didn't call her up to ask if she had a floor length dress.

This A+O Collection wouldn't be RTW Spring/Summer 2013 if it didn't include a piece with a peplum! Speaking of the humor Stacey was talking about, the green A-line skirt with the white cardigan has an eye and lip on it. I bet you didn't see that one! I really did like the show and how they played with the modern version of the risky woman. Stacey did play it down by adding nude, pastel and grey colors between and at the very end of the collection.
Many, myself included, couldn't stop complementing on the background which totally complemented the collection and added a touch of art. Who knew it took a gold TV to show us which time (the 1950s) Stacey took inspiration from!

Stacey Bendey

Here are a couple of my favorite looks:

The rest of the RTW A+O Collection:

The majority of A+O collections don't include floor-length dresses and even though other pieces are great too, the floor-length dress at the end truly stand out. It shows that Stacy knows what she's doing.
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